Empire of Sin has been delayed until autumn 2020

Empire of Sin has been delayed until autumn 2020

Drink up, folks, there’s been a change of plans. Prohibition-era gangster tactics game Empire of Sin will no longer be coming out in spring 2020. It’s now been delayed until autumn 2020, as more development time is needed.

Romero Games announced the delay on Twitter but has said in a press release that the reason for it is to allow for “additional time to polish.” That’s the words of industry legend Brenda Romero who heads the studio with her equally legendary husband John Romero. 

Between them, the pair have shaped genres over the years, working on Wizardry, Doom, Jagged Alliance, and Quake. Which is reason enough alone to have an interest in Empire of Sin, but it also boasts strategic XCOM-like combat, and is set in 1920s Chicago. Oh, and John Romero’s great-grandmother is an underworld boss in the game. Yeah.

We played it and got into scraps while trying to rise to the top of its criminal world by peddling illegal drinks and running brothels. The management part of the game really sticks out for the details, as you may have to deal with troubling alcoholics and preventing the spread of STDs, all while under pressure from other armed gangs.

A delay only means that Empire of Sin will be the game that its creators want it to be. The concept is strong and it’s been entertaining in previews, so hopefully Romero Games delivers.


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